Pies at Mars Bar and Café


Hi Mars,

we have just moved from the uk into a house at Khao Lak Home Place. I was wondering if you sell your pies to takeaway frozen or not frozen. If so how much would you charge ? We love to eat THAI food but just now and again it is nice to have some English tastes.

We will make an effort to come in and meet you soon  who knows your mind of information may be of use to us.

Kind Regards

Takeaway Pies From Mars Bar and Café


Hi mate, welcome to Khao Lak. Yes we sell our pies frozen or fresh if it’s the right day. Our pies are 120 THB but for take away frozen they are 100 THB.

If you need any help or advice please feel free to ask me in person , pop in the bar or message me . I look forward to meeting you .

Cheers Mars

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