About Mars Bar and Cafe

Wicked Wicked Wicked Wicked Wicked

🙂 Mars was born to be wild, he was once like a rolling stone that gathers no moss until he found Khao Lak and has been stuck here ever since. He keeps putting another brick in the wall and has now built up Mars Bar and Cafe to be one of the best bars and cafes in Khao Lak.

Mars Bar party Khao Lak Thailand

Stop the traffic, rock n roll

🙂 This is the ultimate place to hang out for some rock and roll, if you’re a tiny dancer or if you are riders on the storm passing through. Mars is a rocket man and has tunes for everyone and great food to match. You won’t find any American pie here, but you will find a bloody good English one.

🙂 Mars is a lucky man. He met Meam three years ago, they have a whole lotta love and have been letting the good times roll ever since.

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

🙂 On entry to Mars Bar be prepared for wicked massive smiles and brilliant warm hugs; this place will be your home from home for the time that you’re here.
Mars Bar attracts all types of people, it is a hot pot of different cultures and interesting personalities – not least of which is Mr. Mars Bar himself and his lovely wife Maem.

Maem and Mars from Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak Thailand

Lovely Mars and his lovelier wife Maem

🙂 Mars will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable in his bar, and while Mars is charming you with his generous welcoming ways, Maem is busy keeping the place ticking along as one of the best run establishments around.

🙂 Mars has lived in Khao Lak since 2007 so has a lot of experience and knowledge about the area. Mars is always happy to help if you’re in search of something or somewhere in particular. He has traveled throughout Thailand and is a huge fan of Khao Sok. If you’re in the area and want to find out more about the place, or if you have questions about where to find the best Phad Thai or where to find good live music, pop into Mars Bar and ask the legendary man himself.

Bar maids at Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak Thailand

The loveliest bar maids to grace the west coast of Thailand and er… Mars

🙂 Of course we must not forget the loveliest bar maids to grace the west coast of Thailand. It’s almost as if part of the job requirement was to have one of the biggest smiles in the world. These beautiful girls work very hard and yet never let go of their beaming grins.

Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing

🙂 Mars Bar and Cafe has a living room feel to it. Sofas sit at the back end of the bar and comfy bar stools line the big bar, which is strong enough to hold 10 men dancing on top. Here you can sit and relax with a coffee during the day to Mars’s wicked tunes, or stick around until the evening when the place livens up.

Happy and relaxed at Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak, Thailand

Happy and relaxed at Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak

🙂 Brilliant British food is served all day long, as is fresh coffee served in your own cafetiere. On Sundays Mars cooks his home made English roast dinner and serves it family style, with everyone sat around the table and eating together. If you want to come along for this you need to book quickly, as there are only 12 spaces and they fill up fast.

🙂 On other nights you might find yourself surrounded by men dressed as ladies or vice versa depending on when you’re in. Tuesdays are cheap drinks for women who dress as men nights – Boy’s Night, and Thursdays are cheap drinks for men who dress as women nights – Ladies Night.

Ladies night at Mars Bar Khao Lak

Ladies night at Mars Bar Khao Lak

🙂 On a Wednesday you may find yourself in Mars Bar surrounded by competitive brain boxes as a local charity quiz night takes place here sometimes. If an important football or rugby game is on it will almost certainly be on the big screen or TV. Mars accepts requests for those who prefer ice hockey or curling.

🙂 Whatever night you are here you will be treated to first class hospitality and reasonably priced drinks.

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome

🙂 Mars Bar and Cafe oozes positivity. A trip here will be a trip like no other, whether you choose to come for food, drinks or just a simple coffee, you will not be disappointed.

Mars Bar and Cafe oozes positivity in Khao Lak, Thailand

Oozing positivity

🙂 This bar is a chameleon-like establishment. It is ideal for people looking for a relaxing space to read during the day. It was made for those wanting a place to meet new people and chat over a beer and for ex-pats looking for good pub grub. Above all though, it is a honeypot for happy people seeking the best nightlife in Khao Lak.

Mars Bar and Cafe is quite simply “wicked”

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