Mars Bar Cafe Gallery

🙂 Check out Mars Bar Cafe Gallery for updated photos of the crazy bar, interesting guests and lovely staff. 

🙂 Here you will see photos of Mars dressed as a woman for ladies night, but be warned: some images may be disturbing to those who are sober.  He’ll be joined by a whole host of other “laddies” having a good time on a Thursday night in Mars Bar.

🙂 In Mars Bar Cafe gallery you’ll also see some pictures of the lovely ladies of Mars Bar (these are actually ladies though). See the tempting trio that are Maem, Oiy and Keak working hard behind the bar.

Mars Bar Cafe Gallery Pictures For Foodies

🙂 Pictures of the delicious food served in Mars Bar are bound to make an appearance. Check in to Mars Bar Cafe gallery if you’d like to see what Mars’s Sunday Roast looks like, what a masaman pizza could possibly be or if you would like to see some of Maems homemade smiley buns 🙂

🙂 It is almost guaranteed that all photos here will be of people having a wicked time at Mars Bar and Cafe.

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