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Mars Bar Cafe Events

🙂 You’ll have a wicked time at Mars Bar and Cafe any time you visit, but Mars and Maem host special events weekly keeping entertainment high on their agenda.

Boy’s Night Event – Mondays

🙂 Stop by on a Monday and be prepared to see a host of lovely ladies with ‘tashes and goatees etched onto their faces (not permanently though – we hope). ‘Boy’s Night’ is a cheap drinks night for the male contingent. Women get cheap booze too, but only if they don some fake facial hair and act all macho.

Ladies Night Event – Thursdays

🙂 Thursdays are for the ladies in Khao Lak. The original “cheap drinks” night, this event was started as far back as when Mars Bar was somewhere else and Maem had not quite made it to Khao Lak yet. Women are treated to discounted beverages and men who wear dresses get them cheap too. This is a notorious event in Khao Lak as it is the only place where you see men dressed as women. Oh, wait a minute…??

Sunday Roast – Sundays 😉

🙂 A new event for Mars Bar and Cafe is the traditional Sunday roast served family style on a…you guessed it, on a Sunday. Mars and Maem cook up a lovely dinner or roast pork, beef or chicken and serve it with all the trimmings. There are limited spaces for the Sunday roast, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. You can send Mars a message here or go into the bar and ask him about it in person.

Other Events

Mars and Maem often hold impromptu party nights or celebrations, he’ll be posting these on the events calendar as and when they are decided. Spike’s Spit Roasts are going to become a feature too, again, you’ll find these on the events calendar. Whether there is an event on or not in Mars Bar you can be sure of one thing, you will have an awesome time and will leave wanting more.

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Upcoming Events

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Mars Bar Does Not Serve Shark

See & Sea Organisation

Get Sharks Off the Hook Logo Mars Bar is now committed to Getting Sharks Off the Hook! This is the new campaign from the See and Sea Organisation to raise awareness about the declining number of sharks in the Andaman Sea.

Save our Sharks, eat at Shark friendly restaurants in Khao Lak.
Big Smiles for Khao Lak