Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 18

Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 18

Mars and Maem end their Magical Mystery tour by driving from Hua Hin to Khao Lak where their friends are waiting, and so is their tuk tuk.

Hua Hin to Khao Lak

Day 28 Sunday 7th July – 590km – 9.20am – 4.20pm

So this is our holiday story, I hope you enjoyed reliving it with me, I certainly enjoyed writing it.

The 7th July is a very special day to me…I’ll tell you why later…

So, I’d planned the whole holiday on driving back to Khao Lak on the day, it just seemed fitting to start what I hope will be the rest of our lives together on this day.

Enough of the sentimentality and on to the big road, Petchkasem Road, route 4. Down past Prachuap Kiri Khan, Chumpon, onto the 41 to Surrathani then turn right onto the 401 where just as you turn right heading towards Takuapa there is a famous market selling fresh BBQ chicken and duck, mmmm… we bought 1 of each and knew it was 3 hours to home.

One thing I must say about Thailand is that, with the exception of a small stretch of road between Mae Sot and Mae Sariang, the roads are absolutely fantastic. Almost all are dual carriageways and if not they are making them into dual carriageways. All in excellent condition and a pleasure to dive on.

Last time we did this trip 3 years ago there was a massive thunder storm with rain so hard I nearly had to stop on a few occasions. This time, however, the weather was fine and sunny and we arrived back at Mars Bar to a welcoming party of friends and family and our new tuk tuk that had arrived 2 days before us.

So, stopping only to get a cold Archa I dashed to the back of the bar to start unwrapping said tuk tuk. They had wrapped it up so well it took 3 of us nearly 2 hours and 3 beers before it stood, in all its painted and chromed glory, there outside the bar with all the friends and neighbours going “ooh, wow, isn’t it just amazing”, and so it was. Just amazing.

Of course I had to try it out so 5 of us piled in the back, I drove and off we went in search of gasoline and no not beer, as we took beer from the bar. What a brilliant first drive, people were almost stopping in their cars and on foot because there isn’t another tuk tuk like mine anywhere in the whole area, people were even waving at us, we felt like pop stars or something. Wicked.

Mars and Maem back in Khao LakThe 7th July is a very special day to me as it is 3 years to the day since I drove back from Bangkok with Maem in 2010 to begin our lives together, both of us not knowing what would happen and both excited about the prospect of making Mars Bar together. I’m sure neither of us ever thought that 3 years down the line we would be married with a successful bar, our own car and able to take a 4 week holiday together. Thank you Meam.

It was a busy night in the bar and later, laying in each others arms back in our own bed, we fell into a deep and happy slumber knowing we had got to know each other a lot more over our wonderful 4 weeks together.

I love you Maem.

Good night.

Thank you Thailand.

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