Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 16

Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 16

A relaxing day in Bangkok for Mars and Maem followed by Jutujak Market.

Mars and Maem Explore more of Bangkok

Day 25 Thursday 4th July

American Independence Day – a big holiday in the U S of A – so we decided to have a holiday ourselves and do nothing. Maybe a bit of shopping, definitely some eating and most definitely some drinking of beer, so, after a leisurely breakfast reading the papers we walked to a Temple at the top of Khao San Road.

Temple in Bangkok Thailand

Years before when I had a shop I used to buy wicked t-shirts at a small stall within the Temple grounds from a lady called Nin. We arrived there only to be disappointed when the stall was gone, I still had her phone number and on the second ring she answered:

“Hello, Nin?, it’s mr. Marcel”, I said.

“Ooh Mr Marcel! I not see you for long time”

“Do you still sell t-shirts?”

“Yes, but now I have stall on Khao San road opposite McDonalds”

“See you in 5 minutes” said I, and off we went in search of Nin’s shop and t-shirts.

These T-shirts are really good quality and I’ve never seen the designs anywhere else, I used to sell lots of them in my shop and now there are a few for sale in the bar. It was so nice to see Nin again after 4 years, so I bought 20 t-shirts, a few nice tops for the girls and then being on Khao San road in the hot Bangkok afternoon it was time for a beer.

On the way back we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant tucked away down the back street close to the hotel. Rick’s Cafe, a great little restaurant with only a small menu, but doing high quality food and amazing fresh fruit shakes all at very reasonable prices. Next door is a little noodle bar so Maem was happy too.

A wonderful thing about Thailand is you can bring food from another place and eat it where you are so they delivered Maem’s noodles to the Mexican and we ate together.

Ricks Cafe - Bangkok ThailandBack at the hotel out of the Bangkok Heat and in the air con room we had a lovely little siesta. Evening found us again people watching on Rambuittri drinking cold and very cheap Chang – 70THB for a large bottle, fantastic.

There are a few indian restaurants in the area and being a curry lover I chose “The Star of India” restaurant halfway down Rambuittri on the first floor. The food was delightful, the beer was cold and I was in heaven.

We were going to go to the blues bar again but I was too full to do anything but take a steady stroll back to the Rajata and flop contentedly into bed.

Good night.

Day 26 friday 5th July

Our last day in Bangkok and it was raining which was fine because today we’re going to Jatujak market. Jatujak has a massive weekend market on saturday and sunday but there is also a big shopping mall there open everyday. It’s about 30 minutes in a taxi from the Rajata so off we went in search of cafetieres and milk jugs.

I’d never been to Jatujak mall before and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s massive covering 3 floors and a basement and we happily wandered around for a couple of hours. There’s everything there from furniture to fashion clothing to French presses and a supermarket where we got our coffee pots, milk jugs a digital timer perfect for timing eggs and bread. Plus we found some wicked digital table lanterns for the bar, a successful shopping trip.

It was still raining but by the time we got back to the hotel and dropped our shopping off it was sunny again so we went in search of food and beer, which we found in Rick’s cafe, again Maem had noodles from next door.

Then it was people watching time so a swift stroll later we were seated at a table on Khao San Road beer in hand watching the world go by. “Hey Mars” I heard, and looking round saw a Belgium friend, Koen who is one of the divers from Khao Lak. He was with his Thai girlfriend.

“Hey man, what are you doing here?”, I said. “Do you fancy a beer?”.

Of course he did so there we sat and passed a pleasant afternoon drinking and making merry.

Later we met up again at the street restaurant near the blues bar and had another great meal and finished our last day in Bangkok jumping and a jiving at the blues bar. Excellent.

Good Night.


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