Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 14

Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 14

Mars and Maem make their way to Bangkok via Ayutthaya.

Mars and Maem Visit Ayutthaya and Bangkok

Day 23 – Tuesday 2nd July – Udon – Bangkok 8.30am – 5pm 595km

Coffee and a biscuit at 7am.

“Mum and Dad want to give us something for a wedding gift”, Maem said. “Come here”.

There is a plot of land between their house and next door, about 20 x 30m. This was our wedding present.

“You can build a house here”, they said.

“Thank you” I cried.

Maem and Kek’s dads are going to start looking for a nice piece of wood with a view to buidling a Thai style timber house over the next few years, our holiday or retirement home. Fantastic. We dropped Dew off at school and off we went.

Mars and Maem's land in Khon Kaen

On the road to Bangkok.

We had decided beforehand to just visit Ayutthaya (the old capital) and then got to BKK in one day. So down highway 2, another excellent dual carriageway, past Khon Kaen, Ban Phat, Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi and at Wat Noi took a right onto the 309 and onto Ayutthaya. A modern city with amazing ruins, mainly Temples, everywhere. So we just stopped in a random Temple and it was the one I’d always wanted to see, the one with the buddha head almost inside a tree root.

Ayutthaya Temple

I would have liked to have spent a day or two there, but we were on a mission. So, off again, on to the 347 down to highway 9, which is a massive ring-road right around Bangkok. We got on an express way towards Bangkok centre and then, thanks to a nifty bit of map reading by Maem, found our way to the Rajata Hotel. I’ve been staying here for many years and it feels like home, the same staff have always been there.

Rayata Hotel in Bangkok Thailand“Hello Mr. Marcel, long time you not come here.”

“We are on our honeymoon”, I said.

“Ooh”, they all said and clamoured round to see our wedding rings and wish us luck.

“Beer Chang?” enquired the boy on reception. They know me well.

“Yes please”, I said, and we followed my beer and our bags as he carried them up to our room. Phew a long drive, nice to relax in the room with ac and TV on.

The Rajata is in the Banglampoo area of Bangkok close to Khao San Road and Rambuitri, but just far enough away from the hustle and bustle and in a lovely quiet little soi. A piece of paradise in the centre of Bangkok, I love it there.

7.00pm found us relaxed, refreshed, in need of food and beer and I knew exactly where we were going. Five minutes walk to soi 2 where there is a fantastic open air street restaurant that serves some of the best steamed fish ever. We almost ran there.

Just on the corner of the soi I hear “Marcel!” and there were some friends from the blues bar across the road. “We’re playing a gig on the other side of town tonight”, said Pong, the owner of the blues bar, “Are you coming with us?”

“No, we just arrived, but we’ll see you tomorrow night”, I said.

“OK”, he said.

And so on to the restaurant.

“Hello Mr. Marcel”, said the owner, I told you it felt like home here and it’s 3 years since I last ate there. “Sawasdee krap” (hello) I said and we sat down to another feast. Full and happy after our meal we took a leisurely stroll down Khao San road, sat having a beer on Rambuitri and watched the people walking by.

Delicious Thai food in Bangkok Thailand

This is my favourite area of Bangkok, always busy, full of bars, restaurants, travellers, street sellers and a whole array of different people from all over the world. If you’re a people watcher you’ll love it here, I do.

A 10 minute walk got us back to the hotel and after the rock hard beds in our room in the north the Rajata bed was like floating on air, we were asleep instantly.

Good night.


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