Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 13

rice harvesting khon kaen thailand

Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 13

Mars and Maem buy a bike for Oi, a tuk tuk for Mars and a bit too much KFC for Dew. Read on as they spend their last day in Khon Kaen.

Mars and Maem’s last couple of days in Khon Kaen

Day 21 Sunday 30th June

🙂 My first real hangover of the holiday.

🙂 “Som Nom Naa” said Maem, “ouch” said I.


🙂 After a very slow start we had breakfast and then Maem took me to meet some more villagers. Many of the ladies in the village had very old hand looms on which they make beautiful sarongs to sell in Udonthani. One of Maem’s old school friends makes the designs. Basically she has a frame with all the cotton thread stretched across it then ties little strands of pink plastic string around the threads to make the pattern. It’s amazing to watch and so clever. The thread is one long piece, it’s then dyed and of course where the plastic strings are it doesn’t get dyed. She then winds it onto bobbins and it’s ready for the loom.


🙂 “How do they know what order to use the bobbins in?”, I said.

🙂 “Easy”, said Maem, “they are all joined together because it’s just one long piece of thread”.

🙂 So simple, yet so very clever. Wow.

Khon Kaen rice paddies

🙂 There is one really old lady in the village, Pi Eeii is her name, she owns the shop next door and I could hear this chopping sound coming from there. I went to investigate and found Eeii scratching and chopping fine shards of wood from what looks like a fence post.

🙂 “What’s she doing?” I said.

🙂 “It’s for chewing”, said maem, “she mixes it with bettle nut and chews them together”.

🙂 I’d only seen this on David Attenborough documentaries, but I had seen a few of the village women chewing what appeared to be bright red chewing gum, now I knew what they were doing.

An evening in Khon Kaen

🙂 Pi Eeii is 70 something years old, she runs her shop and also has rice paddies, we went to watch her later that day planting rice. What a wonderful strong old lady and such a gentle person.

🙂 Then it was time to go to Si Tat to the market and get Oi his new push bike. He was really proud and peddled around the village for the rest of the day showing it off to his friends, lovely.

🙂 Back at the house I was sat on my chair in front of the fan, beer in hand, book on knee half asleep in the heat. Maem’s mum on the loom, Maem’s dad in the hammock, all lazing on the sunny afternoon.

🙂 Marvelous.

🙂 “Can we go to Tesco Lotus?” said Dew (there is a new store just opened about 20km away) “and get KFC?”.

🙂 “Again?” I said.

🙂 “Yes” he said.

🙂 “Let’s go” I said.

🙂 So we bundled all the kids in the back of the car and off we went for yet another family bucket.

🙂 That evening we all sat outside watching the sun set over the rice paddies laughing and chatting with a steady stream of neighbours. Totally chilled out.

Good night.Sunset in Kho Kaen Thailand

Monday 1st July Day 22

🙂 Our last day in the village.

🙂 I woke up really excited knowing I was buying my new toy. Dew woke up with tummy ache, too much KFC I thought, so instead of dropping him off at school we headed to Kumphawapi where the doctor and my tuk tuk were both waiting for us.

🙂 Whilst Maem’s mum took Dew to the doctor we went to ask the post office if we could post the tuk tuk back home, it’s about 1400KM from Udon to Khao Lak. The guy at the post office said it was too big to post, but the guy at the shop said “No problem, we can send it on a lorry”.So I went for a test drive, signed all the paperwork and it was mine. Yippee!!! Dew was feeling better now and he sat in the tuk tuk with me.

🙂 “Shall we go to KFC?” I said.

🙂 “Yuk, no”, he said.

🙂 Dew went to school in the afternoon, good boy, I sat in my chair, fan on, beer in one hand and book in the other lazing on another sunny afternoon.

🙂 In the evening we started saying our goodbyes and people bought us gifts of fruit, sarongs, and my new friends (Kek’s mum and dad) gave me the newly recharged bottle of Yaa Dong. What lovely lovely people they all were, thank you so much. I’ll be back.

🙂 Good Night.

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