Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 12

Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 12

Mars and Maem are still in Maem’s hometown, Khon Kaen. They take a family day trip out to Tesco Lotus in Udonthani.

A Family Day Trip to Tesco Lotus in Udonthani

Day 20 Saturday 29th June

At 6.30am we were woken by the phone ringing, it was Maem’s mum wanting to know what time we were coming for breakfast. Now I knew why everyone went home so early the night before, they were up before dawn getting ready to work in the fields.

I was a little bleary to say the least, but by 7.30 I was having a cup of tea and a bowl of cold Masaman from the night before, yummy.

Maem’s mum was all dressed up and when I asked why I was told we were all going out for the day to Udonthani about 50 km away.

“Wicked”, I thought. “A family day out”.

“Can we go to Tesco Lotus?”, said Dew.

“Of course”, I said.

“And Big C?”, he said.

“Yes”, I said, “and lets go to KFC and pizzaland”.

Big C is a shopping mall and Tesco lotus is Tesco, but both have food courts with a whole range of different small Thai restaurants, pizza land and of course KFC. It’s a special treat to go there.

Off we went with Maem, her mum, her aunty with her daughter and son, Dew and Oi, her sister’s son.

In the middle of Udonthani is a big park with a lake in the middle and lots of swings and play things and exercise apparatus we fed the fish the two Thai girls fed themselves and us boys went playing on the swings and things.

Childrens playground in Udonthani Thailand

The kid’s playground in Udonthani

Then it was time for Big C, which turned out to be a “little C” as there was no food court only a KFC and coffee shop, but KFC was what we wanted so we all sat happily munching on their big family bucket. We were looking for a push bike for Oi, he’s 5 now and only has a really small old bike with bald tyres and no brakes, but as I said it was just a “little c” (it became the joke of the day) with very little inside and they didn’t have one suitable.

The day before and today I had seen these 3 wheeled motorbikes, seats behind and a roof, they were tuk tuks different to any tuk tuk anywhere else with lots of chrome and brightly painted.

“I want one”, I said, “They look amazing”.

“There is a shop near home”, Maem said, “Let’s look there”.

So in Kumphawapi there was a main dealer for these tuk tuks and there I just knew I had to have one.

Dew trying out the Tuk Tuk in Udonthani Thailand

Dew trying out the Tuk Tuk in Udonthani

“It will be the marsmobile”, I said, “We can give customers a lift home from the bar at night and I can take my mates out for a beer”.

We inquired about the price: “57,000THB” the man said, “I will sell for 55,000THB for cash”.

“I want this one”, I said, “But how to get it home?”.

“Easy, ask at the post office” said the man.

It was late afternoon and the post office wasn’t open until Monday so we arranged to go back on Monday morning to buy it.

Back at home they again sat me on a chair with a fan and a beer then Maem’s mum started to make food. “More Massaman for me” I said. Whilst she was cooking Maem and I went to visit Kek’s mum and dad.

(There were 4 of us who worked in our bar at the time of writing this. Me, Maem, Maem’s sister Oi and Kek, their cousin. They are all from the same village. Now it is Me, Maem, Oi and Jake from back home.)

I took a couple of beers and we sat outside their house talking and drinking.

Yaa Don in Udonthani Thailand

Yaa Dong!

“Yaa Dong?” said Kek’s mum (Yaa dong is a mixture of ginseng root, a special type of wood, 11 tigers powder and lao kao and wow what a crazy drink).

“Yes please” I said. So out came the Yaa Dong and shot glasses. It’s only a very small village and in the evening people just wander around laughing and chatting to neighbours. Within a few minutes there were 5 of us having a shot of Kek’s mum’s homemade Yaa Dong. A few shots later there were about 10 of us and I think in the time we sat there most of the village had stopped for a shot and they sent me to the shop for 2 more bottles of Lao Kao. To top up the yaa Dong

I don’t really remember eating that night or going to our room, but I know it was a fabulous night.

Good Night.

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