Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 10

Magical Mystery Tour Thailand – Part 10

Mars and Maem have their last day in Chiang Mai before making their way to Maem’s hometown.

Day 17 – Last day in Chiang Mai

26th June Wednesday

30marsblog10-01🙂 It’s our last day of luxury so we did nothing today except swim in the hotel pool. Maem had a play in the hotel gym and sweated in the sauna. It’s a swedish type sauna with coals and no steam and boy it was hot, wonderful.

🙂 Had an afternoon jacuzzi and being as we were on holiday we thought we would have a bottle of wine. Around 4.30pm we went into the city to ‘Rioja 2’, a spanish tapas restaurant where we had another outstanding meal washed down with a few glasses of Sangria.

🙂 Lovely.

🙂 We were heading back to the car when I spotted a bright white temple.

“Let’s take some pictures” I said.

But then right across the road I saw this small building covered with plants and flowers and I could see lots of paintings and cards with smiley faces inside. What a stroke of luck because we discovered John Gallery, address 330 Thapea Road, Chiang Mai.

🙂 It’s like an Alladin’s cave of amazing art and John, a Thai guy who is now 70 but looks 50, has painted over 500,000 cards, t-shirts, pictures, wall hangings – all done individually by hand and so all are unique. Words cannot describe this place, you must visit it. I spent over 4000THB there and he gave Maem a T-shirt as a gift.


🙂 A true gentleman and so back to the hotel for our 3rd night and 6th jacuzzzi. I think the hotel water bill must have gone up whilst we were there because the jacuzzi is 2 metres square and must hold 3 – 4 hundred litres of water.

🙂 Our last night here was a wonderful night we will be so sad to leave tomorrow.

Good night.

Day 18 – Chiang Mai – Khon Kaen

Thursday 27th June – 650KM 9.00am – 18.00pm

🙂 Up early and on the road to Khon Kean via Lamphun Lampang, Uttaradit. We passed Phitsanulok and on to Lon Sak, Chum Phae and finally to Khon Kaen. What a brilliant drive. The road was fantastic, dead straight for mile after mile, dual carraige way and not at all busy. At one point we flashed past a coffee shop that looked like a big green volkswagen beetle.

🙂 “Wow, did you see that?” I said.

🙂 “What?” said Maem.

🙂 “An amazing green coffee shop” I said.

🙂 “No” she said.

🙂 So I did a quick u-turn after about 1km and we drove back past two coffee shops (we were on a dual carraigeway), did another u turn and pulled into the car park what a lovely place and a lovely owner. He even took a pictire of me infront of his big green VW. I don’t think he sees many farang on this road. Refreshed after a coffee and cookies we carried on.

Chiang Mai coffee shop thailand

🙂 Khon Kaen is quite a large city with a big lake in the middle surrounded by hotels, condos and of course a 7/11 and a Temple. We drove around two lakes and spotted the Ruen Kanyarat Boutique Hotel. With the best and funniest outside chairs and tables I ever saw. By the time we had booked in showered and changed it was dark so we went in search of food and beer. Actually we decided to eat at the hotel and bought a bottle of wine from 7/11 and had a nice meal sat on the brilliant outside tables and chairs and talking about the next day when we were going to Maems home town.

🙂 Good Night.Mars with boob chair chiang mai thailand

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