🙂 If you are looking for some delicious home cooked English food in Khao Lak then look no further. Mars Bar and Cafe is the place to be if you are missing some hearty comfort food from the west.

Pies, Sandwiches & Specials at Mars Bar Cafe

Pies, Sandwiches & Specials. Mars knows how to cater for the hungry, generous portions, great value and freshly made with LOVE!

🙂 Mars has steadily compiled a menu over the past few years that is unrivalled in the Khao Lak area. All your UK food favourites can be found at Mars Bar and Cafe, from the classic English Jacket Potato or Toasted sandwich lunch to the more filling bangers and mash for dinner. Mars has all the favourite British pub grub right in the heart of Bang Niang.


English Food in Khao Lak

🙂 Mars Bar and Cafe is the only place in Bang Niang where you can find a proper home cooked English meal. With everything made on site the food is absolutely fresh and delicious. Maem has become an accomplished pastry chef, knocking out scrumptious pies with all the usual fillings – mince and onion, steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom and Cornish pasties too. There are even a few fusion pies too; at Mars Bar and Cafe you can enjoy crusty pastry filled with green chicken curry or masaman curry – these inventions are pretty addictive!

Fish n Chips menu at Mars Bar

Classic English favourites

🙂 The food fusion experiments don’t stop with just the pies. At Mars Bar and Café you can enjoy a Masaman topped pizza and a spicy Phad Krapow Pork Burger. These unusual creations are some of the best selling items at Mars’s.

Homemade Grub

🙂 Some of the more traditional British fare that is served at Mars Bar includes UK staples such as Fish and Chips, Cottage Pie, Boiled Egg and Soldiers , Welsh Rarebit and Liver and Onions. Mars has also introduced menu items that are harder to find throughout the whole of Thailand, such as Branston Pickle, Corned Beef and even the fine British favourite – Marmite.

Speciality burgers at Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak

Speciality burgers at Mars Bar. Not just for meat lovers, there is a great selection of veggie burgers too

🙂 Mars and Meam even bake their own bread, so any sandwich or toasty is served using fresh home baked goods that are just yum. They make the buns for their selection of burgers too and are a dab hand when it comes to creating a light, fluffy and yet crispy pizza base.

Khao Lak Vegetarian Food Favourites

🙂 When travelling in Thailand it can often be hard to find good vegetarian western food options. Mars Bar and Café caters for vegetarians very well. He has introduced vegetarian twists on the mainstay items, such as pies filled with vegetables and served with a white onion gravy, or a vegetable Korma served with rice or chips and a homemade Naan bread.

Home made pizzas at Mars Bar Cafe

Home made pizzas and jacket potatoes, bangers and mash!!

🙂 Mars has created a speciality for vegetarians visiting Khao Lak that you wont find anywhere else in the area, these are his veggie burgers. There are 2 options: the cannellini bean and spinach burger or red bean and rice burger. Both are absolutely super tasty and loved by veggies and meat eaters too.

Thai Food At Mars Bar

🙂 If you’re on holiday and determined to only eat 100% Thai food while you are here then not to worry. Mars is a flexible kind of guy and will happily order in a Thai takeaway from one of the local restaurants dotted around nearby. Remember to also ask Mars for his top recommendations for quality and authentic Thai food while you’re in the bar. Having lived in Khao Lak for many years he knows all the local secret places and how to order a dish Thai-style spicy, as opposed to western spicy (for wimps!).

Potato menu at Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak

Mashed, boiled, baked, fried, covered in cheese, how would you like your potato?

🙂 Whatever food you choose at Mars Bar and Cafe you will not be disappointed. Pop in one day and ask Mars about some of his interesting creations, or order a simple yet tasty toasted sandwich as you take in the chilled out atmosphere and enjoy your iced cool beer.

Specials menu in Mars Bar Café

The specials menu just gets better and better


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