🙂 While on holiday in Khao Lak a night out in Mars Bar is a not-to-be-missed, unforgettable, intergalactic experience. This is without doubt one of the best bars in Khao Lak!

Drinks at Mars Bar and Cafe Khao Lak Thailand

Mars Bar Drinks

🙂 There is never a dull moment in Mars Bar. If Mars is not entertaining you with one of his brilliant stories about his travels in Thailand, then someone equally as interesting will be propping up the bar with a tale or two about adventures around the world.

Bell Ringing In Mars Bar


🙂 If stories are not being told then the bell is being rung. If you hear the Mars Bar bell being rung then prepare yourself for a shot of one of the most interesting drinks you will come across in Thailand.

Ring my bell sign

Ring my bell….

Mars not only sells ice cold beer for those hot Khao Lak evenings, he also has a bar stocked with all spirits you could wish for. However, it is the infamous homemade Fisu that really sets Mars Bar’s drinks menu apart from the rest.

Buy a round sign

… Buy a round

Mars’s Famous Fisu

A shot of ice cold Fisu will either send shivers down your spine or wake you up into hyper-conciousness. With flavours including mandarin, cherry, aniseed, citrus, original, mint and apple, Fisu is Mar’s speciality made with a secret ingredient…

Fisherman’s Friends…OK, not so secret anymore 😉

Ring my bell at Mars

Never a dull moment in Mars Bar

What’s On At Mars Bar?

🙂 People not only flock to Mars Bar for the smiles and Fisu, they also frequent this establishment as it has one of the best playlists in Khao Lak. Back in the day when Mars was a young lad from Derbyshire, he used to light up the night with his wicked tunes at the hippest joints in town. These days Mars has transported his eclectic music tastes to the most popular bar in Khao Lak – Mars Bar and Cafe.

🙂 There’s also the chance to catch your favourite sporting events on the big screen or TV in Mars Bar. Mars will cater to just about anyone’s requests, and if the football/rugby/whatever game is not being  shown on regular TV then Mars will happily display it as a live stream from the internet.

Boy's NIght, cheap drinks at mars bar Khao Lak

Boy’s NIght and cheap drinks at mars bar Khao Lak

🙂 Mars Bar holds regular party-night evenings in the bar too, such as Ladies Night and Boys Night. If you end up in a bar where all the men are in dresses, you could be at the lady boy show Moo Moo Caberet, but you will probably be in Mars Bar if it’s a Thursday night. If all the girls are sporting fine moustaches with sideburns and trimmed goatees, you’ll know it’s a Monday. At Mars Bar on either of these nights you can be sure of compulsory laughter, possible strange antics and most definitely cheap drinks.

🙂 While you are in Mars Bar be sure to ask Mars’s advice for the best local live music venues. He’d be happy to tell you where you can hear genuine Thai music, where you can sing Karaoke or which venue is best for late night frivolity.

Mars Bar: The Best Bar In Khao Lak

🙂 Mars Bar is a favourite with local expats and seasonal divers. It’s warm and inviting atmosphere draws people in day after day. Mars, Maem, Oil and Aum have a really good way of making people feel at home and being relaxed.

The drinks menu at Mars Bar

Wide selection of drinks at Mars

🙂 If you’re in Khao Lak, you owe it to yourself and your adventurous side to get down to Mars Bar and Cafe for a night out. No need to fill the purse before you go, Mars Bar’s drinks list is very reasonably priced. He can even arrange transport home for you after if your feet are not obeying your brain 😉

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