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Ask Mars

Looking for the best way to get to Khao Sok? Want to know where the best Thai food in Khao Lak is? Which is the best beach in Phang Nga? How do you dress in a Buddhist temple? Mars knows it all. You can ask him here.


Mars On Tour

Mars and Maem are a fascinating couple. Mars has stories that would turn your hair grey and wake you from your grave. In 2013 him and Maem took a road trip around Thailand and came back full of Thai travel tales with a twist. You can read more about the infamous trip and some of his other daily adventures here.


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How to Find Mars Bar

Mars Bar is on Highway 4 in Bang Niang, just head south from 7-11 Click on map to enlarge

Welcome to Mars bar Cafe Khao Lak

One does simply not walk into Mars Bar for just one beer
Mars was born to be wild, he was once like a rolling stone that gathers no moss until he found Khao Lak and has been stuck here ever since. He keeps putting another brick in the wall and has now built up Mars Bar and Cafe to be one of the best bars and cafes in Khao Lak. Mars Bar party Khao Lak Thailand This is the ultimate place to hang out for some rock and roll, if you’re a tiny dancer or if you are riders on the storm passing through. Mars is a rocket man and has tunes for everyone and great food to match. You won’t find any American pie here, but you will find a bloody good English one.
Mars is a lucky man. He met Meam three years ago, they have a whole lotta love and have been letting the good times roll ever since.


Mars Bar

While on holiday in Khao Lak a night out in Mars Bar is a not-to-be-missed, unforgettable, intergalactic experience. This is without doubt one of the best bars in Khao Lak! Mars Bar at night Khao Lak Thailand There is never a dull moment in Mars Bar. If Mars is not entertaining you with one of his brilliant stories about his travels in Thailand, then someone equally as interesting will be propping up the bar with a tale or two about adventures around the world.


Mars Cafe

If you are looking for some delicious home cooked English food in Khao Lak then look no further. Mars Bar and Cafe is the place to be if you are missing some hearty comfort food from the west. Mars Bar Khao Lak Thailand Food Menu Mars has steadily compiled a menu over the past few years that is unrivalled in the Khao Lak area. All your UK food favourites can be found at Mars Bar and Cafe, from the classic English Jacket Potato or Toasted sandwich lunch to the more filling bangers and mash for dinner. Mars has all the favourite British pub grub right in the heart of Bang Niang.


Mars Music

Chilled Mars from Mars Bar Cafe Khao Lak This week's featured play list is Chilled Mars. A chilled out groovy sunny afternoon file of music. Magic, enjoy :)

Other Music

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Supporting Sharks

See & Sea Organisation

Get Sharks Off the Hook Logo Mars Bar is now committed to Getting Sharks Off the Hook! This is the new campaign from the See and Sea Organisation to raise awareness about the declining number of sharks in the Andaman Sea.

Save our Sharks, eat at Shark friendly restaurants in Khao Lak.


Shark Guardian

Shark Guardian LogoMars bar supports shark conservation through education with dynamic video and slide show presentations held by Shark Guardian.

Shark Guardian are a UK charity for Shark and Marine Conservation, educating people throughout the world.

Based in Khao Lak they will feature at Mars Bar on a regular basis.